Barnes and Nobles

On Friday 8/31 I went into Barnes and Nobles wanting to check out their “bookhaul” sale. And what do you know?! It sucked! I think I got one book that was on sale.  But the YA books – the 3 in the middle – were all 20% off. So I actually got about $100 worth of books for $73ish. Which I will call a win! Plus I am officially obsessed with V.E. Schwab since I binged the Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy so I had to get her new series! I was looking for her YA series but B&N only had like book 2 or 3. So I’ll have to order that online somewhere. Stay tuned on my Book A Week page to see when I post about all these lovelys. It might take a while my tbr list is a mile long! All links to books pictured are in the Shop page as well.



Mother Knows Best

Restore Me

Eden Conquered

The Continent


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