Biggest Haul- Part 1

I went onto eBay for like… 1 thing. Not book related and came out with like…. 6 series ordered! So here is Part 1.


I picked up Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop at Walmart the other day. It was in their bargain bin. I had had that on my list for years. I did not know it wasn’t #1 in the series so I had to get the others (HAHA) in the series. (if you don’t know why I laughed it was because the series is called The Others.)  So I have 3 of those and am still waiting on … 1? I don’t even know. I also picked up The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland series. I had number 1 for about a year so I picked up the next few. Here are 1-3. Still waiting on a couple. I did the exact same thing with the Wicked Lovely series (I had #1). And since I was just on such a book buying roll why not get a couple series I just have wanted to have and never picked up. So, in comes Beautiful Creatures and Dorothy Must Die series. And no, I have not seen the Beautiful Creatures movie. I am pretty sure that is all I got in this box. I am still waiting on another couple. So until I get my next box check these out! Links are below (and also in the Shop page for everything I have written about so far on the site!)

The Others

Beautiful Creatures

Dorothy Must Die

Wicked Lovely

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland


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