Biggest Haul- Part 2

So I was pretty upset when I got these last books in. A couple of them were pretty damaged but that’s what you get buying used online when you can’t see them.


So I am still waiting on my last book wich is Dorothy Must Die Stories Vol 1. But I got the rest of the Dorothy series and #1 in The Others series. Written in Red was the biggest disappointment. I got a hardback because it was all the site had. And there was no dust cover with it and the front had some weird stains. So I was going to return it but they just told me to donate it and gave me a refund. I think I will donate it and just go find a paper back copy somewhere. I hate not having dust covers. But the others are in pretty good condition. I had a pretty nice experience. I never buy books online besides on Amazon, but Ebay wasn’t a bad buy. And I got The Others series on Thrift Books. But It ended up all being from the same seller, ironically. Because everything came in one box. So overall experience… 3/5. price was okay but I would rather have new books than used ones. But maybe I am just high maintenance.

Written in Red

The Wicked Will Rise

Yellow Brick War

Dorothy Stories


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