Biggest Haul- Part 3

I just keep getting book mail! It is so nice. I am actually kind of glad I didn’t get my full order in one huge box. Because after a stressful day its nice to get to open a package you didn’t know was going to be there and have it be the books you were waiting on. 🙂 So today I got The Outlander series! I loved this series! I listen to it on audible last year(all 8books!) and I fell in love with Jamie and Claire. I am super excited to have physical copies as well as my audible copies.


They are mass market paperbacks which makes them very fat. But I actually like those better than the huge 8in books. I also got in 2 other books today…


The first volume of Dorothy Must Die Stories and another Fairyland novel. I think I am only waiting on 1 more dorothy book, the fourth one in the series and 1 more in the fairyland series. Then only Wicked Lovely, the first one in the series (which I alreay have). So, awesome! Only a couple more packages to come home to but I will be reading and reading all winter long! Link to Outlander will be below but I already have links to the other two in my Shop page so go check those out!

Outlander Series


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