What about you?!

Hello lovelies.

I am sitting here thinking about what to write because I didn’t plan it out. I have been super busy this last week and now I’m stuck. I stayed up for the Blood Moon last night and I kind of just want to finish my book and watch TV and do absolutely nothing today but I am here. I know I have readers that check this out every Monday so I am not going to just not show up.

But this week will be about you! Instead of me trying to come up with something in my exhausted state. What books are you looking forward to in 2019? Any new series, series continuations? Anything I need to read right now!? Lol. I have so many unread books on my shelves, but of course, I am always looking for more. What else do you all like to do in your free time?

Any new(or old) TV shows I should be watching? I just binged my first show this year, and my binged I think the longest I watched for was like 4 hours but… whatever. You on Netflix! I really want to get that book now. Its by Caroline Kepnes, if anyone has read it and also watched the show I would love a comparison before I pick it up. I am currently in the middle of a Game of Thrones re-watch before it all ends in April.

Well lets open this up! Comment below or email me lookingglassbookshop@gmail.com and lets chat! I am so up for just talking books/tv/hobbies whatever with all of you!

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