Go Ask Alice

This book deals with drug abuse so if you have triggers with that, here is your warning.

Hello my fellow readers! This is coming at you a day late because I’ve been sick with a … you know, it doesn’t really matter. Today we are talking serious stuff.

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous(Beatrice Sparks) is a diary of a girl (Alice) who went to a party and someone laced her drink with LSD. And it is just her dealing with the trauma of that and what happens after you are addicted to drugs.

There are at least 9 of these books all dealing with different illnesses/diseases. I have 6 of them. I was obsessed with this kind of realistic fiction after I read Alice’s story. Go Ask Alice was originally released around 1971 and I think these stories only get more relevant as time goes. I have personally never been in a position to be drugged or even really try them so reading about it really hit hard.

There isn’t a whole bunch to say about this book besides if you have someone in your life who needs a wakeup call then you should definitely give this to them. If it isn’t a drug problem the other books deal with eating disorders, depression, bullying, coming out, and prostitution.

And…. while I was writing this I bought the other ones Beatrice edited in this ‘series’. 😀

I will list out all of the books in the Tradition of Go Ask Alice I have found and hopefully you will find one you like or can help someone in need.

Go Ask Alice

The Book of David

Calling Maggie May

Letting Ana Go

Jay’s Journal

Lucy in the Sky

Annie’s Baby

Almost Lost

Treacherous Love

It Happened to Nancy

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