April Wrap-up

Afternoon (or whatever greetings you like for whatever time you are reading this). Hope the beginning of the week has been good to you so far.

I have been busy moving my boyfriend and planning my vacation lately. I haven’t done much if any reading in April. So I’ll do my short wrap-up and then tell you all about the vacation. I read a couple short novellas this month.

Warm up was great! It is a short prequel to her Vicious duology. I devoured those 7-10 pages. Shadow me takes place as soon as the last book ends and is completely in Kenji’s POV. Then went on to read Defy Me. And finishing off the month is Stiletto, the sequel to The Rook.

(I have no idea what is going on up there, the pictures are being weird.) But that is all I read. Its been super busy and I just haven’t had the mojo to read.

Switch to vacation mode. I am finishing up planning my trip to Spain! I am so excited I have never left the continent. I have only been a few places before and this is going to be my first big vacation. We are taking 2 weeks and visiting all the large cities, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Ibiza and possibly going to travel the strait to Morocco. Let me know you travel tips! I need as many as possible. The flight is like 14 hours so what do you do for 14 hours on an airplane? I don’t know.

So… that’s all I have got for you today. Hopefully I get my reading mojo back and have a better May.

Just going to leave that there. Have a good week everyone! Don’t forget to follow me on insta @ positivityandbooks or on Litsy @ RyeAnnUh

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Hello! Happy Monday. My day has been pretty good so far. I got to get off work early to go to an appointment. I have signed up to be a human guinea pig in a vaccine study. So I can get a little extra cash on the side. So that was good. Then I had to do a little grocery shopping, got myself a pita and now I’m watching some TV while my hair is dyeing. 🙂 The red had faded to a cotton candy like pink. I don’t think my skin tone does well with lighter colors. So back to a maroon-ish red.

Today, I wanted to talk about the first book I read that came from a fairyloot box. I was subscribed to fairyloot for about a year before I stopped to save some money. But every once in awhile I see a box that just intrigues me. And, I have all these books that I’ve never read, then they started doing the read-a-longs and I wanted to get in on that. But I hadn’t been able to do it yet because I was always in the middle of a book. But I made it so I could get into this amazing Beauty and the Beast retelling.

This book is about Harper and Rhen. Rhen is the crown Prince of Emberfall and has been cursed by an evil witch to make someone fall in love with him. He doesn’t know how long he has, but the time limit is the season. So… Day 1 he is human and has his choice of who he is going to try to woo. Then as the season goes on he gets closer and closer to turning into a monster. And the monster is different every time. And after he turns and bad things happen the season is over and it resets. We start the book after about 5 years worth of seasons. And Grey can world hop to Washington DC to get ladies for Rhen. Harper comes in because she see’s Grey in action with a drugged girl and tries to stop him from doing whatever harm he is going to do to this lady. Then she is in Emberfall. And so the story begins, seriously you learn all of this within the first couple of chapters.

If you participated in the fairyloot read-a-long then I would love your opinion on the book. I, personally, loved it. The different POVs and adding Washington DC into a book about a fantasy world. Jumping from one to the other. Man oh man! I loved this. Plus, the main character having cerebral palsy. It is just great. We need to normalize the differences in society just like this. Harper was so fierce and everyone followed her because of it. No one questioned her (much) about what she could or couldn’t do. But, my favorite character is Grey. He has wit and is funny. At first I didn’t think much of him, he was very 1 dimensional. But as the story went on his character filled out a lot more. Then the end happens, which I kind of guess when it was suggested.

But, super easy read. Really fast to get through and I already want the sequel! So drop a comment on what you think of the book or if it is in your tbr pile! I do highly recommend it, I mean I wouldn’t write about a book if I didn’t like it. Plus the cover is gorgeous. You can find me on insta @ positivityandbooks or on Litsy @ ryeannuh

PS its Game of Thrones season! I love hearing what everyone took out of the episodes! Maybe you caught onto something I didn’t.

On a Wednesday??

Hello! I am a bit late this week but I am here nonetheless. 🙂 I have been busy helping my boyfriend move. Hard work right there. I finally got some time to sit down a write. I am in the middle of doing laundry and was thinking about what to write today … I was thinking about just updating you on me. I don’t talk about myself much because I am pretty self conscious. I don’t like the spotlight on me but I am going to do it anyways because I haven’t done too much ready or thinking about reading this past week.

I am moving my boyfriend, as stated already, this last week into this next weekend. I will be moving in with him end of May beginning of June. Then we are off to Spain! *heart eyes* So for two weeks in June I will be off not anywhere near a computer(unless you count the countless photos I will be taking on my phone). Don’t worry when I get back I’ll do a post on everything we did there and some pictures for you.

I haven’t read too much. I picked up Defy Me pretty much when it got to my door this month, and I’m hoping to have it done by the weekend but we will see. I am also doing something I never do, that is read 2 books at once. So, I am reading Defy Me during the day while I am out and about, and 10% Happier: with a huge long subtitle I’m not going to look at right now; I’m reading a chapter of that before I go to bed each night, or most nights. I’m not a huge nonfiction/self-help reader. It takes me a whole lot longer to get through those books than it does anything else. But since I have been having some pretty down days and not feeling up to much I know I need to take a step back a reevaluate. And part of that is actually learning how to evaluate and what to look for. So, self-help books here I come to help myself. 🙂

Have you watched the new episode of Game of Throne?! It was crazy, huh? I am going crazy over all of the Bran memes. I just can’t stop posting them. Other than GoT, I have been doing well with my workouts. I am going on 2 weeks with no breaks other than weekends, but the last couple weekends I have been moving so even if it’s not recorded on my app as an actual workout I am still getting one in. Other than that, I haven’t done much besides work. I am trying to figure out how I am going to move all of my books (I have over 300). That’s just a crazy number. Let me know your moving tips! Now, it is beautiful outside, for now, and I am going to enjoy what sun there is left! It is supposed to start raining in about an hour.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week. And if you need to hear this You can do it. I believe in you. I know I need to hear that sometimes. Just one day at a time. Leave a comment on you book moving tips! Or find me on insta @ positivityandbooks and on Litsy @ ryeannuh

After 2 weeks…

Hello everyone! Happy Monday. I am sorry to keep you all hanging for the past couple weeks. I have been having some mental health issues. So, I just had to step away to take care of that. But I am feeling much better now and am ready to catch you up. So today we are going to see what I read in March and plan to read in April!

So, in March, I read 8 books plus 3 audiobooks. I was not prepared for that number when I went gathering them up for the picture! 😀 There are 4 comics, 4 books and the one I am currently in the middle of. So I got all but This Savage Song read that was on my March tbr. I am pretty excited about that. I am currently in the middle of A Curse so Dark and Lonely. I started it with the Fairyloot readalong but decided I didn’t want to keep that schedule. But since I had started the book I needed to finish it. Lol. I also added 2 comics, Fables and Ms Marvel Vol 3. They were great! As always.

Pss.. I can’t figure out how to rotate this picture. It won’t let me like the other one… :/

Onto April! So I have these on my tbr right now. Along with the Tahereh Mafi ebook Shadow Me, I want to read that before I jump into Defy Me. I am also really excited to jump back into the world of The Rook in Stiletto! And since I was having some of my own issues I decided to pick up 10% Happier, and do some mental wellness. 🙂

Well I hope today’s post was everything you wanted. Once again I am sorry I didn’t get around to posting the last couple of weeks but since I am on the road to wellness hopefully I won’t have too many more bouts. Leave me a comment on what you are reading this month and follow me on the socials! Insta @ postivityandbooks and Litsy and @ RyeAnnUh


Hello Hello! I hope it is just as nice outside wherever you are as it is here in Kansas. Today it is a beautiful 60 degree day with very little wind. I better enjoy it while it lasts.

I wanted to talk about the Outlander series today! I love this series and am currently reading it for a second time. Well, listening to it. I binged all 8 books last year on audible (1 a month, plus one of the Lord John novellas but I didn’t really care for that spin off). I started listening to it again because I started training for a 5k and wanted something other than music to listen to and since the first book is just over 40 hours I knew it would be plenty long to get me through.

Picture from Google.

If you haven’t heard of Outlander (also a show on STARZ) it is a romance time-travel series. The main character, Claire, is on vacation with her husband Frank before settling down in their first house after the war in 1945 in Scotland. She goes to this stone circle and steps through an invisible portal that takes her back to 1745 in the middle of another war. There she stumbles upon Franks great-great-great-etc grandfather Randall, who promptly tries(kinda) to rape her. Then she gets kidnapped by the Scots and lands herself patching up a young fellow named Jamie (she was a nurse during war times).

And that is all I am going to say any more would be spoiling it. But I thought since I am about 6 hours into the audio book (approx 150 pages) I would mention it. I hardly ever, if never, reread books. There are just so many new ones I want to get my hands on.

What books do you go back to time and time again? Any books you would like to reread but cant bring yourself to, for whatever reason? What are some of your favorite books on audio? Let me know in the comments or find me on Insta @ positivityandbooks or on Litsy @ Ryeannuh