2 in 1

Hello. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did you watch the Superbowl? (if not, it was super boring!) I have a twofer for you today, since I didn’t post last week. I am starting to workout again and get myself on a better eating schedule… We will see how long that lasts. But today I am going to show you my first book haul of the year (which was what I was going to post last week) and my February reading list. 🙂

Here is my book haul!

January bookhaul

I grabbed these amazing books when Barnes and Nobles was having a 50% off sale! Everything there was less than $70. The Selection series, A Very Large Expanse of Sea, Damsel, Grim Lovelies, and Escaping from Houdini. I don’t know much about .. all but Escaping from Houdini. Lol. But they are popular and were on sale.

February reading list

And this is what I plan to read this month! I completed about 5 books in January so I am hoping I can get through all of these. I am already about 100 pages into Mother Knows Best. And I can’t wait to dive back into Amy’s Oz and see what happens next.

What is on your tbr this month? Any new exciting books you are looking forward too?

Library Haul

This weekend I visited my librarys used book sale. 😀 I got a ton of books! So I decided to try a video instead of just listing everything here. The first video is of the Young Adult titles. and the second is Adult titles. 🙂 Links will be below each video.

***** I have never video’d myself before so bare with me. 🙂 If I do more of these I will get better. I promise. Also, I am just using my phone so I couldn’t see what was happening.

sorry you can’t see the covers. They are down below! 😀 And Regenacy was the word I was looking for! 


So, in Wichita we have a small chain of used book stores. I usually don’t buy from there because their trade in system is just, to be honest, complete junk. But I had a bunch of books that were given to me so I went in a while they were checking out my books I checked out theirs.


I got these two books for $4! YAY! They are both in very good condition. Which I wouldn’t have bought them if they weren’t. But Cloaked is by Alex Flinn and Sapphique is by Catherine Fisher. Sapphique is number 2 in the series and Cloaked is a fairy tale retelling. Alex Flinn also wrote Beastly a Beauty and the Beast retelling so I knew this one was going to be good.



Book Club Haul

So my book club is reading An Absolutely Remarkable Thing for our November book. So I went to B&N armed with coupons and ready to walk out with 2 books.


So… I walked out with 3. But I didn’t go overboard. Plus the Hank Green novel was 30% off and I have a membership so an extra 10% there. It is orginally $25.99 and I got it for around $13. Plus my other coupon was for 20% off one Young Adult book. So I picked up Assassin’s Blade and while making my way to the front of the store I saw Dear Martin was only $8. So I basically got two books plus 1 free! And I am A-Ok with that. 🙂

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Assassin’s Blade

Dear Martin

Barnes and Nobles

Hello! I keep telling myself no more books since I did that huge haul on ebay/thriftbooks. But I got a coupon today in my email for and extra 15% off at Barnes and Nobles and on top of my membership I thought I had to use it. So I did. 😀


I got a few books all for less than $30! YAY sales! So the first one Mary Rose was on the clearence table(Always check the clearance table!) 75% off. So it was less than $3. It is a ghost story and that is basically all I know. I thought its October so Ghost stories! Next, right when I walked into the store Someday by David Levithan was right there so I had to get it! I loved Everyday so much. I did not even know a sequel was coming out but I am so happy it did. Last on the haul today is Hunting Prince Dracula! I loved Stalking Jack the Ripper so I had to get the sequel and once again October is the perfect month for it! So these are also going to be the next three on my tbr! I could not be more excited for my October reading!

Mary Rose

Everyday – Another Day – Someday – David Levithan

Stalking Jack the Ripper – Hunting Prince Dracula – Kerri Maniscalo