Every Day

This is the first David Levithan book I ever picked up. And after reading this and all sequels to it I just want to pick up everything he has ever written.


So Every Day (if you haven’t seen the movie) is about a person that switches bodies everyday. They keep to themselves and never want to mess anything up for the person they are in. Until A (that’s what they call themselves) meets Rhiannon. They, and I say they because A does not consider itself a he/she at all, fall in love and A at first does whatever he can to see her. And on the love story goes. There is a lot going on in this besides just a love story.

There are now 3 total books in this series. The second one is the first book from Rihannon’s point of view so its’s more of a companion than a sequel. The third is an actual sequel- Someday- and gets so many different points of view! I loved the third one so much!

But we are talking about the first one. I loved this book as well, and the movie was pretty awesome too. The movie just doesn’t have the same feel as the book because sure you get to see all the people A is becoming but there aren’t any thoughts to read through(or hear) and just… movie’s are different. Lol.


Favorite Character: A

Favorite Book: Someday

Quote: “For a moment, I forget who I really am.” -A

When Read: 2016

Total Pages: 322