The Hate U Give (THUG)

The Hate U Give. I have no idea why I thought I wouldn’t like this book. Maybe because it isn’t all fairies and vampires. Or maybe it is because its own voices and im white. But whatever the reason… after I saw the first movie trailer for this I knew I had to pick it up and read it.


I binged this in 2 days. I started on Friday (8/31) while I was at work I got about 85 pages in an hour! An hour! I usually only manage around 35-45 pages an hour. Wow! This book had me crying in those few pages. I knew it was going to change me before I even read it.

Now, like I said I am white. I know race shouldn’t have anything to do with books. But this book is literally about race. A white cop shoots a black kid. And that isn’t a spoiler it is what is in the movie trailers and what happens in the first 80 pages. But… I don’t listen to Tupac or NWC or anything. I grew up with country music and grew into pop stuff. But I know THUG LIFE (The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone) is going to stick with me forever.

I have a co-worker who has kids (I do not). And he was kinda freaking out over having “the race talk” with his kid. Now I didn’t understand even after he explained it. He wants his kids to know because they are white they are going to have an easier time of things than their colored friends. Just like Starr having 2 different lives.

I have a ton to say about race wars and cops getting off after doing some shitty stuff. But I do not think my blog is a place to get into any of that. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to type and what I shouldn’t type. I thought I had it hard: living in the middle of Kansas barely making enough to buy myself sandwich stuff to eat and my dog his food. But never once did I have to worry about people having a drive by where I live. Never once did I have to think about drugs or drug dealers. Never once did I have to worry about my father hitting my mother. Never once when I was still living in my parent’s house did I have to worry about money. Now I know my family didn’t have a lot when I was growing up but we had cars to get us from a to b. We each had our own room. We had hot showers. We had food. We went to school. A tiny school at that where there were so few kids I didn’t even know about weed until I graduated. I was a sheltered child. I am, honestly, thankful for that. But for those of you who aren’t and those of you who have had hardships I am sorry and I am here for you if you ever need a listening ear. There is someone who loves you. Someone who cares and someone who wants to see you live a better life. I might just be here on my computer in my house, but I want that for you. I care about each and every one of you reading this. Stay strong.

The Hate U Give