I love some books with pictures in them. This series I just flew through. I love fairies and monsters and other worlds. So this was right up my alley.


It focuses on Lucy and Soli, two best friends for as long as they can remember. They live in a little town next to Willow Forest. There are stories of another world in the forest and to never make a wish in the forest. Why? Because they faeries will grant it. This is a great story about friends growing up together and growing apart and back together again. Lucy makes a wish in the woods and is taken into the faerie land. And Soli has to find her inner strength to save her best friend.

As I said at the beginning this book does have pictures and lots of them. It makes the reading go by super quick. It is aimed more at a younger audience than Young Adult, maybe 5th grade level. But that is not a reason to not read it. The art is fantastic and the writing just pulls you right in.

There are 3 books in this series. I am pretty sure there are companion books to it but the story is told over the main trilogy.


Favorite Character: Kheelen

Favorite Book: Believe (book 3).

Quote: “I angered the Queen,” She whispered.

When read: 2014ish

Total Pagest: 266

everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too : a book

The first graphic novel! I got this book on my birthday last year. I picked it up and almost read the entire thing in the store aisle. It’s about an alien who was sent to earth to learn about humans. And as you can tell there are going to be a lot of misspellings in it because an alien is writing it. It really is just the cutest little book. There is an activity log right on the front/back pages. I can’t actually say much about this because saying almost anything will give the book away. But the alien goes around Earth visiting with the Trees, Birds, Frogs, Dogs, etc.


It is a great read and a great way to get into graphic novels and comics if you wanted to. It took me all of 10 minutes to read and a bit longer the second time around because I was really looking at the pictures.

I am waiting for Jomney Sun to write another one because I am going to be all over it.

Quote: “You are not alone I am here.”

When read: August 14, 2017

Page count: 304

Everyone’s a aliebn