Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite authors ever! The Lunar Chronicles are great! But that is not what I am talking about today! Today is Heartless. (PS. I stole this picture from Google. But the profile is in the picture.)


It is a standalone novel about the Queen of Hearts. Sure sure there are lots of Alice in Wonderland spin-offs but this one is different! It is all about the Queen before she was the Queen, when she was still Catherine. So I went into this knowing nothing. And Boy am I glad I did it that way. I figured it was going to be another cruel tale of the queen. But it was such a cute little love story with so much heartbreak, family drama, and tragedy.

I mean when you are talking about creating a character’s full story, their life, their love, their passions that takes a lot of work. Especially to do it well. There are a lot of things in this universe that, even for Alice in Wonderland, are a bit dark and out there. But Marissa did them so well they are believable and you can visualize them. I had a movie playing through my head the whole time. With different places and people it is a nice change-up from the normal Alice spin-off. There are many aspects to time, people and places that are a refreshing change.

I went to Marissa’s book tour for Renegades and she got asked a lot of questions about if she was planning any other novels in this universe and she said no. 😦 But whether or not she writes more stand-alone this one is definitely worth the read.


Favorite Character: The Hatter

Quote: “A maze, a looking glass, a well… an abundance of desperation. It’s not all that important. What is important is that my journey taught me how I could avoid the madness that’s plagued my ancestors, and also how I could become the greatest hatter who has ever lived, on either side of the Looking Glass.” -Hatta

When Read: 3/2018

Total Pages: 448