Flowers in the Attic


I finished this book around 830 on 9/26… and sat at my computer around 920 to write. I knew I had to write about this now with all the feelings still so fresh else I wouldn’t write about it ever. I tried to talk to my bf about it but he isn’t a book person and doesn’t understand the feelings that come when reading something this serious.

Flowers in the Attic was originally published somewhere around 1979. I have had the book on my shelf… for awhile. And that is the exact reason I picked it up. Its been there awhile. This is about 4 kids who lose their father in a car accident and their mother (momma) takes them to live with their grandparents. But catch- their grandfather cannot know they are even alive. So their mother and grandmother (the grandmother) hatch up a plan to keep them in the attic until he dies so nothing bad comes of it. There is some untangling why the grandfather can’t know and I don’t want to spoil it. So that’s what you get for now. These 4 kids are Chris- 14, Cathy- 12, Cory and Carrie, twins, are 4. And they are to be locked in an attic.

I think this might be the one post I spoil the book just because I need to get it out of my own head and into someone else who gets all the book feels and understands how real they can become in just 300-400 pages. This is written like a journal, in a way. Cathy is the writer and she is writing from the future. So there are certain parts where she is like “it’s okay for me to write this now when so many years have gone by…” Maybe that is what makes it so real? But it doesn’t matter what matters is **** these kids are locked in an attic for almost 4 years! And then … ugh! No matter how much I want to spoil it I just can’t. So… maybe.. I’ll link here to some spoilers. But just let me say it was a good book. But packed with so many emotions I just sat there and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I still can’t.

Favorite Character: Cory

Quote: Honestly.. I just don’t think I have a quote.

When I read: Sept 2018

Total Page Count: 412

Flowers in the Attic