A book with an entire book in it! So great!

This is the first Scott Westerfeld book I have read. The Uglies have been sitting on my shelf for a few years now but I just haven’t ever picked it up. I got this on clearance at B&N. It was super cheap and once I saw it was a book in a book I had to have it!

So it is about a girl named Darcy who started writing a book (Afterworlds) her junior/senior year of high school and got a book deal! Darcy then moves to NYC with her big fat check from the publisher and finds out how the real world is. While in her book Lizzie is in the middle of a terrorist attack and wills her way into the afterworld.

That is a pretty short synopsis but with how the book is alternating chapters between the real world and Darcys book it is difficult not to give too much away. I have heard about books about books but never a book within a book. It was fantastic and I want more! Like, seriously if you know about any books with books in them I want to read them! 😀

This book gave a pretty nice and clear picture of what it would be like to live in NYC with a fat bank account, and the struggles with keeping that bank account in check. Darcy has a sister that helps her with her accounting and I love that. With her account and not having a real job(getting a paycheck every week or so) she has to ask her sister what her budget is like if she spends $X to go out to eat, or buy a new plant. It give the book that extra realistic feel to it.

The copy I have also has a deleted chapter which is cool but its Chapter 4… So you read both the books then go to the end and try to remember exactly what was happening at chapter 4 to figure out why it was deleted and what changed. Lol. But I also like that, having a look into the rough draft.


Favorite Character: Imogen

Quote: “It’s your story, Darcy. Which means you’re allowed to change anything about it, especially the parts that are most precious to you.”- Kiralee

When read:2014ish

Total pages: 599



TODAY IS THE DAY! 😀 I could not be more excited! The final installment of the Reader Trilogy (also known as The Sea of Ink and Gold).


I also grabbed Sadie by Courtney Summers. Sounds super good! Plus they did a short podcast on what it is about. I was super into that so I know I will love the book.


The Storyteller

The Reader

I picked this book up just because it was called the reader to be 100% honest. I was thinking it was going to be about a girl who loves to read and get lost in all of these stories. I don’t know. I was COMPLETELY wrong! Lol. (picture was found on Google.)



This book takes place in Kelanna (and it has a map! 😀 ) In a world where there are no books, no one knows history except the stories that are passed down by word of mouth. Sefia has been entrusted her entire life, since her parents died, to keep a book safe. She doesn’t know what it is or where it came from; all she knows is that it can never leave her sight and she can never let it be taken from her. Sefia is traveling with Nin, an old lady her parents knew. For 6 years they have been kept out of sight, for 6 years they have been safe.

One reason I love this book is how much there is to it! I thought I had gotten a damaged copy because there were ink marks on pages but when it kept happening I knew that was just part of the book. Plus you have to keep your eye on the page count! I know, that usually is a bad thing but there are words next to some of the numbers! So awesome!

I took this book with me to Arizona for a job interview and it got damaged in my luggage! So sad. Not too badly, but a shampoo bottle exploded and I was lucky I had brought back up clothes. I do want to get a hardback of this because I have hardbacks of the next two (well, this will be up a day before the final book is out).

The ReaderThe SpeakerThe Storyteller

Favorite Character: Captain Reed

Favorite Book: The Speaker

Quote: “We’ve been searching for the Book for decades, an you’ve not only brought it here to us, you’ve also brought along a candidate as well.” -Tanin.

Since the last book is coming out tomorrow! I will give you a second quote.

“This place is too pretty to be ruined by the likes of us.” -Captain Reed.

When Read: 10/2017

Total Pages: 437


So, in Wichita we have a small chain of used book stores. I usually don’t buy from there because their trade in system is just, to be honest, complete junk. But I had a bunch of books that were given to me so I went in a while they were checking out my books I checked out theirs.


I got these two books for $4! YAY! They are both in very good condition. Which I wouldn’t have bought them if they weren’t. But Cloaked is by Alex Flinn and Sapphique is by Catherine Fisher. Sapphique is number 2 in the series and Cloaked is a fairy tale retelling. Alex Flinn also wrote Beastly a Beauty and the Beast retelling so I knew this one was going to be good.



Book Club Haul

So my book club is reading An Absolutely Remarkable Thing for our November book. So I went to B&N armed with coupons and ready to walk out with 2 books.


So… I walked out with 3. But I didn’t go overboard. Plus the Hank Green novel was 30% off and I have a membership so an extra 10% there. It is orginally $25.99 and I got it for around $13. Plus my other coupon was for 20% off one Young Adult book. So I picked up Assassin’s Blade and while making my way to the front of the store I saw Dear Martin was only $8. So I basically got two books plus 1 free! And I am A-Ok with that. 🙂

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Assassin’s Blade

Dear Martin

Barnes and Nobles

Hello! I keep telling myself no more books since I did that huge haul on ebay/thriftbooks. But I got a coupon today in my email for and extra 15% off at Barnes and Nobles and on top of my membership I thought I had to use it. So I did. 😀


I got a few books all for less than $30! YAY sales! So the first one Mary Rose was on the clearence table(Always check the clearance table!) 75% off. So it was less than $3. It is a ghost story and that is basically all I know. I thought its October so Ghost stories! Next, right when I walked into the store Someday by David Levithan was right there so I had to get it! I loved Everyday so much. I did not even know a sequel was coming out but I am so happy it did. Last on the haul today is Hunting Prince Dracula! I loved Stalking Jack the Ripper so I had to get the sequel and once again October is the perfect month for it! So these are also going to be the next three on my tbr! I could not be more excited for my October reading!

Mary Rose

Everyday – Another Day – Someday – David Levithan

Stalking Jack the Ripper – Hunting Prince Dracula – Kerri Maniscalo

Biggest Haul- Part 3

I just keep getting book mail! It is so nice. I am actually kind of glad I didn’t get my full order in one huge box. Because after a stressful day its nice to get to open a package you didn’t know was going to be there and have it be the books you were waiting on. 🙂 So today I got The Outlander series! I loved this series! I listen to it on audible last year(all 8books!) and I fell in love with Jamie and Claire. I am super excited to have physical copies as well as my audible copies.


They are mass market paperbacks which makes them very fat. But I actually like those better than the huge 8in books. I also got in 2 other books today…


The first volume of Dorothy Must Die Stories and another Fairyland novel. I think I am only waiting on 1 more dorothy book, the fourth one in the series and 1 more in the fairyland series. Then only Wicked Lovely, the first one in the series (which I alreay have). So, awesome! Only a couple more packages to come home to but I will be reading and reading all winter long! Link to Outlander will be below but I already have links to the other two in my Shop page so go check those out!

Outlander Series