Hello Hello! I hope it is just as nice outside wherever you are as it is here in Kansas. Today it is a beautiful 60 degree day with very little wind. I better enjoy it while it lasts.

I wanted to talk about the Outlander series today! I love this series and am currently reading it for a second time. Well, listening to it. I binged all 8 books last year on audible (1 a month, plus one of the Lord John novellas but I didn’t really care for that spin off). I started listening to it again because I started training for a 5k and wanted something other than music to listen to and since the first book is just over 40 hours I knew it would be plenty long to get me through.

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If you haven’t heard of Outlander (also a show on STARZ) it is a romance time-travel series. The main character, Claire, is on vacation with her husband Frank before settling down in their first house after the war in 1945 in Scotland. She goes to this stone circle and steps through an invisible portal that takes her back to 1745 in the middle of another war. There she stumbles upon Franks great-great-great-etc grandfather Randall, who promptly tries(kinda) to rape her. Then she gets kidnapped by the Scots and lands herself patching up a young fellow named Jamie (she was a nurse during war times).

And that is all I am going to say any more would be spoiling it. But I thought since I am about 6 hours into the audio book (approx 150 pages) I would mention it. I hardly ever, if never, reread books. There are just so many new ones I want to get my hands on.

What books do you go back to time and time again? Any books you would like to reread but cant bring yourself to, for whatever reason? What are some of your favorite books on audio? Let me know in the comments or find me on Insta @ positivityandbooks or on Litsy @ Ryeannuh

Biggest Haul- Part 3

I just keep getting book mail! It is so nice. I am actually kind of glad I didn’t get my full order in one huge box. Because after a stressful day its nice to get to open a package you didn’t know was going to be there and have it be the books you were waiting on. 🙂 So today I got The Outlander series! I loved this series! I listen to it on audible last year(all 8books!) and I fell in love with Jamie and Claire. I am super excited to have physical copies as well as my audible copies.


They are mass market paperbacks which makes them very fat. But I actually like those better than the huge 8in books. I also got in 2 other books today…


The first volume of Dorothy Must Die Stories and another Fairyland novel. I think I am only waiting on 1 more dorothy book, the fourth one in the series and 1 more in the fairyland series. Then only Wicked Lovely, the first one in the series (which I alreay have). So, awesome! Only a couple more packages to come home to but I will be reading and reading all winter long! Link to Outlander will be below but I already have links to the other two in my Shop page so go check those out!

Outlander Series