TODAY IS THE DAY! 😀 I could not be more excited! The final installment of the Reader Trilogy (also known as The Sea of Ink and Gold).


I also grabbed Sadie by Courtney Summers. Sounds super good! Plus they did a short podcast on what it is about. I was super into that so I know I will love the book.


The Storyteller

The Reader

I picked this book up just because it was called the reader to be 100% honest. I was thinking it was going to be about a girl who loves to read and get lost in all of these stories. I don’t know. I was COMPLETELY wrong! Lol. (picture was found on Google.)



This book takes place in Kelanna (and it has a map! 😀 ) In a world where there are no books, no one knows history except the stories that are passed down by word of mouth. Sefia has been entrusted her entire life, since her parents died, to keep a book safe. She doesn’t know what it is or where it came from; all she knows is that it can never leave her sight and she can never let it be taken from her. Sefia is traveling with Nin, an old lady her parents knew. For 6 years they have been kept out of sight, for 6 years they have been safe.

One reason I love this book is how much there is to it! I thought I had gotten a damaged copy because there were ink marks on pages but when it kept happening I knew that was just part of the book. Plus you have to keep your eye on the page count! I know, that usually is a bad thing but there are words next to some of the numbers! So awesome!

I took this book with me to Arizona for a job interview and it got damaged in my luggage! So sad. Not too badly, but a shampoo bottle exploded and I was lucky I had brought back up clothes. I do want to get a hardback of this because I have hardbacks of the next two (well, this will be up a day before the final book is out).

The ReaderThe SpeakerThe Storyteller

Favorite Character: Captain Reed

Favorite Book: The Speaker

Quote: “We’ve been searching for the Book for decades, an you’ve not only brought it here to us, you’ve also brought along a candidate as well.” -Tanin.

Since the last book is coming out tomorrow! I will give you a second quote.

“This place is too pretty to be ruined by the likes of us.” -Captain Reed.

When Read: 10/2017

Total Pages: 437

Every Day

This is the first David Levithan book I ever picked up. And after reading this and all sequels to it I just want to pick up everything he has ever written.


So Every Day (if you haven’t seen the movie) is about a person that switches bodies everyday. They keep to themselves and never want to mess anything up for the person they are in. Until A (that’s what they call themselves) meets Rhiannon. They, and I say they because A does not consider itself a he/she at all, fall in love and A at first does whatever he can to see her. And on the love story goes. There is a lot going on in this besides just a love story.

There are now 3 total books in this series. The second one is the first book from Rihannon’s point of view so its’s more of a companion than a sequel. The third is an actual sequel- Someday- and gets so many different points of view! I loved the third one so much!

But we are talking about the first one. I loved this book as well, and the movie was pretty awesome too. The movie just doesn’t have the same feel as the book because sure you get to see all the people A is becoming but there aren’t any thoughts to read through(or hear) and just… movie’s are different. Lol.


Favorite Character: A

Favorite Book: Someday

Quote: “For a moment, I forget who I really am.” -A

When Read: 2016

Total Pages: 322


I love some books with pictures in them. This series I just flew through. I love fairies and monsters and other worlds. So this was right up my alley.


It focuses on Lucy and Soli, two best friends for as long as they can remember. They live in a little town next to Willow Forest. There are stories of another world in the forest and to never make a wish in the forest. Why? Because they faeries will grant it. This is a great story about friends growing up together and growing apart and back together again. Lucy makes a wish in the woods and is taken into the faerie land. And Soli has to find her inner strength to save her best friend.

As I said at the beginning this book does have pictures and lots of them. It makes the reading go by super quick. It is aimed more at a younger audience than Young Adult, maybe 5th grade level. But that is not a reason to not read it. The art is fantastic and the writing just pulls you right in.

There are 3 books in this series. I am pretty sure there are companion books to it but the story is told over the main trilogy.


Favorite Character: Kheelen

Favorite Book: Believe (book 3).

Quote: “I angered the Queen,” She whispered.

When read: 2014ish

Total Pagest: 266



Time travel! I love time travel books. And this is a great easy read. It focuses on Michele Windsor and her family. She is forced to move from LA to NYC when her mother dies suddenly. They are super wealthy and live in a lavish mansion that holds a centurys worth of secrets. She discovers a diary that when she reads it she travels back in time!

Oh my! If that doesn’t spell a great novel then I do not know what does. There are 2 and a short e-book story to this series. Super easy read. Plus, you can’t really do time travel right if you don’t have romance.

The second book is Timekeeper. And I remember as soon as I finished the first one going out and getting the second one. I am pretty sure I found this at my local used bookstore and Its one of the best ones I have found. Its pretty short so I don’t want to talk to much about the plot but… If I could time travel through a diary I know I would jump on that.

Favorite Character: Michele

Favorite Book: Timeless

Quote: “ I just… I can’t believe I’m here with you. I want to remember every detail of tonight. So I can relive it whenever I want.” -Michele

When read: 2015ish

Total Pages: 280


The Chemical Garden Trilogy


I had my eye on these books for about a year before I bought them. Because of course I had to buy them all, all at once. So I got my $60ish dollars and just couldn’t wait to read this dystopian.

As the title says it is a trilogy. It is set in the not-so-distant future where genetic engineering has gone awry. No new generations will live past the age of 25 for men and 20 for women. But there are no diseases. While searching for a miracle the world has gone crazy trying to keep the human race alive. Women are being kidnapped as early as 10. And if they don’t fit what the kidnapper is looking for most are shot dead on site. (No there isn’t a ton of violence past the first few chapters.) Rhine is the main character and this exact thing happens to her. She is going to pick up a paycheck when she is kidnapped coming out of a store. She then survives to meet her captors who are super wealthy. But she is also 16 and time is running out.

Now, I got most of that off of the back of the first book. It sounds a ton better than the synopsis I usually do. Lol. But I try to recommend this series as much as I can. It is amazing. So much so that when I  was at work I would go in early and copy a bunch of the pages so I could read and look like I was working! HAHA. I ran through this whole trilogy in just a couple of weeks. The first book in the series is Wither, then Fever, and finally Sever. So much happens. I don’t want to put out any spoilers but ugh! So great! This is a series I would re-read. And I do not re-read very often if at all (excluding Of Mice & Men, I read that about once a year).

Now I actually haven’t read A Handmaid’s Tale but I feel like if you like that then you would like this. Females are being oppressed and kidnapped just to make babies and the men of the world do not care one bit. Some don’t even understand what is happening because of how high and mighty they have lived their entire lives. So, before I say too much PICK UP THIS SERIES! Ugh! So great!

Wither – Fever – Sever

Favorite Character: Rose

Favorite Book: Fever (book 2)

Quote: “Love is natural. Even the human race can’t claim to be natural anymore. We are fake, dying things.” -Wither, book 1

When Read: 2015?

Total pages: 364-book 1

Flowers Spoilers


The kids are locked in an attic for 3 years and 5 months. There are 4 kids. And Cory dies. They are hiding from their grandfather so their mother can inherit a fortune so she can live without the need of a man by here side. She and the kids lost everything when her husband died. Oh and her husband was her half-uncle. So… her dads half-brother. He was only a couple of years older than here. But.. the kids are her fathers grand..nieces/nephews? anyways,  The plan is for the kids to be in lockup until the grandfather dies but he dies and no one tells the children. They are stuck to play in a dirty attic where they get sick and have no mother to help them through anything. Just a nasty grandmother who is so freakishly religious its her fault anything happens in the first place. The kids aren’t supposed to speak to her unless spoken to. And she gives them a list that’s like 2 pages long the very first day they are there. And by those rules which were basically telling the kids they were going to do what their mother had done (incest) and pretty much set my mind on the edge from the beginning. Every new chapter I was wondering when the bad thing was going to come. And it did, here and there and then all at once. But… I just cannot get over the end… things happen- not a lot because they are in an attic the entire time, basically- but they found out their grandfather died almost a whole year ago and they are still locked up. And then they find out why. The grandfather put a stipulation into his will stating if the mother was ever to have been found to have mothered children in her first marriage his fortune to her would be no more. And she also couldn’t have children by her second husband(whom she married around the halfway point of the book). Well… she started sending up poisoned donuts to the kids! And they only find out after Cory has died. The dr claimed it was pneumonia but after over hearing servants gossip they found out the stipulation and do some digging. Their mother was poising them so they all died and she could have the money and her new husband and a new life. Now I havent read the second book… And I don’t know if I will… But… the kids escape the attic and get bus tickets down to florida at the end….

It was such a hard read with so many feelings. So many emotions. I just don’t know if I can do that again. I know the second one will be better because they are free but just the acts that were committed in the attic and everything that has happened is of course going to affect these children. No matter if they are now 18, 16, 9. Ugh. Feels.