A book with an entire book in it! So great!

This is the first Scott Westerfeld book I have read. The Uglies have been sitting on my shelf for a few years now but I just haven’t ever picked it up. I got this on clearance at B&N. It was super cheap and once I saw it was a book in a book I had to have it!

So it is about a girl named Darcy who started writing a book (Afterworlds) her junior/senior year of high school and got a book deal! Darcy then moves to NYC with her big fat check from the publisher and finds out how the real world is. While in her book Lizzie is in the middle of a terrorist attack and wills her way into the afterworld.

That is a pretty short synopsis but with how the book is alternating chapters between the real world and Darcys book it is difficult not to give too much away. I have heard about books about books but never a book within a book. It was fantastic and I want more! Like, seriously if you know about any books with books in them I want to read them! 😀

This book gave a pretty nice and clear picture of what it would be like to live in NYC with a fat bank account, and the struggles with keeping that bank account in check. Darcy has a sister that helps her with her accounting and I love that. With her account and not having a real job(getting a paycheck every week or so) she has to ask her sister what her budget is like if she spends $X to go out to eat, or buy a new plant. It give the book that extra realistic feel to it.

The copy I have also has a deleted chapter which is cool but its Chapter 4… So you read both the books then go to the end and try to remember exactly what was happening at chapter 4 to figure out why it was deleted and what changed. Lol. But I also like that, having a look into the rough draft.


Favorite Character: Imogen

Quote: “It’s your story, Darcy. Which means you’re allowed to change anything about it, especially the parts that are most precious to you.”- Kiralee

When read:2014ish

Total pages: 599



TODAY IS THE DAY! 😀 I could not be more excited! The final installment of the Reader Trilogy (also known as The Sea of Ink and Gold).


I also grabbed Sadie by Courtney Summers. Sounds super good! Plus they did a short podcast on what it is about. I was super into that so I know I will love the book.


The Storyteller


Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite authors ever! The Lunar Chronicles are great! But that is not what I am talking about today! Today is Heartless. (PS. I stole this picture from Google. But the profile is in the picture.)


It is a standalone novel about the Queen of Hearts. Sure sure there are lots of Alice in Wonderland spin-offs but this one is different! It is all about the Queen before she was the Queen, when she was still Catherine. So I went into this knowing nothing. And Boy am I glad I did it that way. I figured it was going to be another cruel tale of the queen. But it was such a cute little love story with so much heartbreak, family drama, and tragedy.

I mean when you are talking about creating a character’s full story, their life, their love, their passions that takes a lot of work. Especially to do it well. There are a lot of things in this universe that, even for Alice in Wonderland, are a bit dark and out there. But Marissa did them so well they are believable and you can visualize them. I had a movie playing through my head the whole time. With different places and people it is a nice change-up from the normal Alice spin-off. There are many aspects to time, people and places that are a refreshing change.

I went to Marissa’s book tour for Renegades and she got asked a lot of questions about if she was planning any other novels in this universe and she said no. 😦 But whether or not she writes more stand-alone this one is definitely worth the read.


Favorite Character: The Hatter

Quote: “A maze, a looking glass, a well… an abundance of desperation. It’s not all that important. What is important is that my journey taught me how I could avoid the madness that’s plagued my ancestors, and also how I could become the greatest hatter who has ever lived, on either side of the Looking Glass.” -Hatta

When Read: 3/2018

Total Pages: 448

everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too : a book

The first graphic novel! I got this book on my birthday last year. I picked it up and almost read the entire thing in the store aisle. It’s about an alien who was sent to earth to learn about humans. And as you can tell there are going to be a lot of misspellings in it because an alien is writing it. It really is just the cutest little book. There is an activity log right on the front/back pages. I can’t actually say much about this because saying almost anything will give the book away. But the alien goes around Earth visiting with the Trees, Birds, Frogs, Dogs, etc.


It is a great read and a great way to get into graphic novels and comics if you wanted to. It took me all of 10 minutes to read and a bit longer the second time around because I was really looking at the pictures.

I am waiting for Jomney Sun to write another one because I am going to be all over it.

Quote: “You are not alone I am here.”

When read: August 14, 2017

Page count: 304

Everyone’s a aliebn

The Hate U Give (THUG)

The Hate U Give. I have no idea why I thought I wouldn’t like this book. Maybe because it isn’t all fairies and vampires. Or maybe it is because its own voices and im white. But whatever the reason… after I saw the first movie trailer for this I knew I had to pick it up and read it.


I binged this in 2 days. I started on Friday (8/31) while I was at work I got about 85 pages in an hour! An hour! I usually only manage around 35-45 pages an hour. Wow! This book had me crying in those few pages. I knew it was going to change me before I even read it.

Now, like I said I am white. I know race shouldn’t have anything to do with books. But this book is literally about race. A white cop shoots a black kid. And that isn’t a spoiler it is what is in the movie trailers and what happens in the first 80 pages. But… I don’t listen to Tupac or NWC or anything. I grew up with country music and grew into pop stuff. But I know THUG LIFE (The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone) is going to stick with me forever.

I have a co-worker who has kids (I do not). And he was kinda freaking out over having “the race talk” with his kid. Now I didn’t understand even after he explained it. He wants his kids to know because they are white they are going to have an easier time of things than their colored friends. Just like Starr having 2 different lives.

I have a ton to say about race wars and cops getting off after doing some shitty stuff. But I do not think my blog is a place to get into any of that. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to type and what I shouldn’t type. I thought I had it hard: living in the middle of Kansas barely making enough to buy myself sandwich stuff to eat and my dog his food. But never once did I have to worry about people having a drive by where I live. Never once did I have to think about drugs or drug dealers. Never once did I have to worry about my father hitting my mother. Never once when I was still living in my parent’s house did I have to worry about money. Now I know my family didn’t have a lot when I was growing up but we had cars to get us from a to b. We each had our own room. We had hot showers. We had food. We went to school. A tiny school at that where there were so few kids I didn’t even know about weed until I graduated. I was a sheltered child. I am, honestly, thankful for that. But for those of you who aren’t and those of you who have had hardships I am sorry and I am here for you if you ever need a listening ear. There is someone who loves you. Someone who cares and someone who wants to see you live a better life. I might just be here on my computer in my house, but I want that for you. I care about each and every one of you reading this. Stay strong.

The Hate U Give

The Keeper of the Mist

So, this book I picked up because of the cover. I totally judged it. It had pretty colors, a key, stopwatch, and pen. Pretty cover. I started reading it not too long after I got it.  


So if you haven’t heard of it here is a quick synopsis. There is a kingdom surrounded by mist and its been that way for as long as anyone can remember. And whoever rules the kingdom is chosen by something. It kind of runs through the same family but in this book the mistress’s daughter ends up ruling (not a spoiler that happens on page 11). Everything is just kind of spiritual in this book. There is a timekeeper, a bookkeeper, and a doorkeeper. These three helpers basically keep the Lord or Lady to schedule and the kingdom running and everything. But the Lord dies at the beginning and Keri is the next in line. Which nobody thought would happen because he has 2 sons. Everything seems fine until Keri gets to her first meeting with all the other people in charge. The mist is failing around the village.

This is set in Nimmeria. A crazy magic filled world. You know what really gets to me with these Fantasy books? When they are set in a magical world but there is no map! I love maps and being able to see where people are going, how far the ocean is, and where everything important is. This is a standalone if you are looking for a quick read with no book hangover. I will say with how many books I read I usually still can’t ever guess what happens but this one wa very predictable. But it read fast and was well written. There were a few hidden things that just kinda popped up that were cool and that I hadn’t read before. So it’s definitely worth the read but you might know the ending.

Favorite Character: Lucas

Quote: “Never do any unpleasant task yourself when you can get someone else to do it…” -Lucas

Page Count: 391

When I read: November 2017

The Keeper of the Mist