Hello Hello! I hope it is just as nice outside wherever you are as it is here in Kansas. Today it is a beautiful 60 degree day with very little wind. I better enjoy it while it lasts.

I wanted to talk about the Outlander series today! I love this series and am currently reading it for a second time. Well, listening to it. I binged all 8 books last year on audible (1 a month, plus one of the Lord John novellas but I didn’t really care for that spin off). I started listening to it again because I started training for a 5k and wanted something other than music to listen to and since the first book is just over 40 hours I knew it would be plenty long to get me through.

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If you haven’t heard of Outlander (also a show on STARZ) it is a romance time-travel series. The main character, Claire, is on vacation with her husband Frank before settling down in their first house after the war in 1945 in Scotland. She goes to this stone circle and steps through an invisible portal that takes her back to 1745 in the middle of another war. There she stumbles upon Franks great-great-great-etc grandfather Randall, who promptly tries(kinda) to rape her. Then she gets kidnapped by the Scots and lands herself patching up a young fellow named Jamie (she was a nurse during war times).

And that is all I am going to say any more would be spoiling it. But I thought since I am about 6 hours into the audio book (approx 150 pages) I would mention it. I hardly ever, if never, reread books. There are just so many new ones I want to get my hands on.

What books do you go back to time and time again? Any books you would like to reread but cant bring yourself to, for whatever reason? What are some of your favorite books on audio? Let me know in the comments or find me on Insta @ positivityandbooks or on Litsy @ Ryeannuh


Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite authors ever! The Lunar Chronicles are great! But that is not what I am talking about today! Today is Heartless. (PS. I stole this picture from Google. But the profile is in the picture.)


It is a standalone novel about the Queen of Hearts. Sure sure there are lots of Alice in Wonderland spin-offs but this one is different! It is all about the Queen before she was the Queen, when she was still Catherine. So I went into this knowing nothing. And Boy am I glad I did it that way. I figured it was going to be another cruel tale of the queen. But it was such a cute little love story with so much heartbreak, family drama, and tragedy.

I mean when you are talking about creating a character’s full story, their life, their love, their passions that takes a lot of work. Especially to do it well. There are a lot of things in this universe that, even for Alice in Wonderland, are a bit dark and out there. But Marissa did them so well they are believable and you can visualize them. I had a movie playing through my head the whole time. With different places and people it is a nice change-up from the normal Alice spin-off. There are many aspects to time, people and places that are a refreshing change.

I went to Marissa’s book tour for Renegades and she got asked a lot of questions about if she was planning any other novels in this universe and she said no. 😦 But whether or not she writes more stand-alone this one is definitely worth the read.


Favorite Character: The Hatter

Quote: “A maze, a looking glass, a well… an abundance of desperation. It’s not all that important. What is important is that my journey taught me how I could avoid the madness that’s plagued my ancestors, and also how I could become the greatest hatter who has ever lived, on either side of the Looking Glass.” -Hatta

When Read: 3/2018

Total Pages: 448



Time travel! I love time travel books. And this is a great easy read. It focuses on Michele Windsor and her family. She is forced to move from LA to NYC when her mother dies suddenly. They are super wealthy and live in a lavish mansion that holds a centurys worth of secrets. She discovers a diary that when she reads it she travels back in time!

Oh my! If that doesn’t spell a great novel then I do not know what does. There are 2 and a short e-book story to this series. Super easy read. Plus, you can’t really do time travel right if you don’t have romance.

The second book is Timekeeper. And I remember as soon as I finished the first one going out and getting the second one. I am pretty sure I found this at my local used bookstore and Its one of the best ones I have found. Its pretty short so I don’t want to talk to much about the plot but… If I could time travel through a diary I know I would jump on that.

Favorite Character: Michele

Favorite Book: Timeless

Quote: “ I just… I can’t believe I’m here with you. I want to remember every detail of tonight. So I can relive it whenever I want.” -Michele

When read: 2015ish

Total Pages: 280